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Linux Essentials

This repository contains everything essential to getting a running Linux installation going with xmonad, tmux, lemonbar, and many other configurations. The current flavor of the month for me is Nix OS. For Nix specific configuration instructions and configuration files, please go to the nix directory and ignore everything else here - which is left for historical Arch Linux install reasons.

The directory structure is as follows:

  1. dotfiles/ - This contains any related dotfiles
  2. scripts/ - This directory contains most of the important things to get the installation running
    1. scripts/sysinstall/ - This directory contains a number of scripts for configuring the system
    2. scripts/sysinit/ - This directory contains anything needed for system initialization
    3. scripts/solutions/ - This directory contains any fixes that can be run for various packages - SteelSeries Arctis 7 activation script is in here
    4. scripts/lemonbar/ - This directory contains any related lemonbar scripts
    5. scripts/diagnostics/ - This directory contains scripts for helping to diagnose problems
  3. installation_instructions - This file contains a series of command you copy and paste during install of Arch
  4. nix/ - This contains all the stuff needed to get up and running with my nix configuration


Right now I use Neovim.

To install plugins on first run, put the .config/nvim folder in your .config directory and run nvim. Then run PlugInstall.

Make sure you run ./install.py --all in the YouCompleteMe Directory. Additionally you will want to run:

pip install pynvim

In order to bring Python integration to Vim for certain plugins.

Patched Fonts

There are a series of patched inconsolata fonts designed for work with the plugins I have for icons in nerd tree. These are not Windows compatible.

Emacs Specific Things

Before programming C, install global and libclang in your distro. After doing that, run M-x irony-install-server to install the server in the emacs directory. Finally, cd to the root of your project and run gtags. You now have functioning irony C completion.

Before programming Java, install eclim, and eclipse.

Joe Editor

Always build from source to get the latest features. You will need at least version 4.5 for themes.

Copy joe-colors/output to $USER/.joe/colors in order to use themes.

XFCE Themes

In the root there is a themes folder with a nice theme called Nord. Run the provided install.sh.

Swapping Caps Lock and Escape in XFCE

/usr/bin/setxkbmap -option "caps:swapescape"